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Are Faces Med Spa and About Faces Day Spa & Salon affiliated?
Yes. Through a partnership, the two organizations provide a unique total skin care solution, combining conventional and revolutionary, non-invasive medical treatments with advanced skin care and at-home product regimens.

What is total skin care management?
Total skin care management is about the lifelong process of taking care of your skin. It involves addressing both your skin type, which you are born with and keep forever, and, your skin condition, which changes over time. This process may include non-invasive medical treatments, spa facial services and treatments, and skincare products.

What is the cost?
Costs are dependent on individual needs and the type of medical treatment or spa service.

Who delivers the treatments?
A medical praticioner (doctor or nurse) will deliver medical treatments. Licensed aestheticians may perform other services.

What is the treatment regimen?
A typical treatment regimen consists of one or more of a series of medical procedures to restore the skin followed by at-home maintenance and regular Day Spa skincare treatments to keep the skin refreshed and to combat the effects of aging.

Will I face challenges booking future appointments?
We have arranged our hours and staffing to meet the needs of existing clients. As demand increases, we are prepared to increase hours or add staff as necessary.

What treatment should I have if my skin has sporadic wrinkles, age spots, or damaged skin?
There are several possible solutions to regenerate one’s skin. A consultation with one of our medical personnel is recommended to determine the best treatment. Fraxel is a specific laser treatment which targets specific zones, while leaving the others untouched… Links to Fraxel Info

What treatment should I have if my skin is sagging because of sun damage or heredity?
There are several possible solutions to tighten one’s skin. A consultation with one of our medical personnel is recommended. However, Thermage is a revolutionary treatment that tightens the skin using radiofrequency technology. More about Thermage...

What treatment should I have if I have dynamic wrinkles (such as crow’s feet, brow lines, etc.)?
To reduce dynamic wrinkles, Botox® is the best solution because it blocks the nerve impulses, which create less movement, and in turn the skin gradually softens and the wrinkles fade. More about Botox®

What treatment should I have if I need lip enhancement or facial contour shaping (such as the area from the root of the nose and the angle of the mouth or between the eyebrows)?
To smooth out shallow wrinkles around the eyebrows, root of the nose, or angle of the mouth, Restylane is the best treatment. It is a natural cosmetic filler which restores volume to the skin, as opposed to Botox® which is a drug that blocks nerve transmission to relax the underlying muscle. More about Restylane...

What is the recovery time for medical treatments?
All med spa services are non-invasive or minimally invasive. As such downtime varies from no downtime to several days of minimal reddening and swelling, depending on each individual and the course of recommended treatments.

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