Genius is the new intelligent solution to fighting aging skin and acne scars.

Genius treatments help provide lasting unparalleled outcomes with Intelligent RF (Radio Frequency) technology, delivering thermal energy through micro-needles into the dermis. The goal is to stimulate collagen production for impressive and long-lasting results. Achieve youthful skin without surgical downtime. The system senses the quality of your skin, and treatment can be adjusted for a great outcome. Genius is the smarter way to treat your skin, and it’s available at Faces Med Spa.

How Genius Works
Lutronic Genius uses unique and intelligent technology to help protect the top layers of the skin while providing real-time feedback during the procedure. This allows for treatments on all skin types and colors, including tanned skin. By delivering customized energy precisely to the dermis, it creates a micro-injury to jump-start your body’s natural healing process for firm and renewed skin.

Minimal Downtime
Depending on your procedure and skin type, recovery can be as short as a single day, espcially with Faces Med Spa’s post recovery treatment plan!

5 Ways the Genius system offers multiple treatment options with enhanced outcomes. If you ever wanted facelift-like results but did not want surgery… talk to Faces Med Spa about Genius.  It’s really a non-surgical facelift. 

  1. Skin Tightening
  2. Skin Rejuvenation
  3. Enlarged Pores
  4. Photo-aged Skin
  5. Scar Revision

*Disclaimer: Result may vary from person to person.

Before & Afters


Patients commonly experience some pressure and heating during treatment. This is typically well-tolerated with topical anesthetics. To further enhance patient comfort, you can use the Genius Air Cooling Clip Assembly, which easily attaches to your existing cooling device and offers a more soothing experience for patients.

Treatment duration varies based on the treated area, ranging from 15 minutes to an hour. Pinkness and swelling usually appear after the procedure but typically subsides after 24 to 36 hours. Complete recovery may take up to a week.

While most patients see initial improvement after the initial procedure, it generally takes 2 to 3 sessions to achieve optimal results. For six months following treatment, the body will continue to rebuild collagen, resulting in gradual improvements. For dramatic results, multiple treatments may be necessary.