Why Select Dr. Gerrish and Faces Med Spa?

  • January 6, 2012

Today more than ever, you have lots of options when choosing a medical spa. We get asked this all the time “Why should I choose Faces Med Spa?”

  1. Dr. Scott Gerrish has been at the forefront of non-surgical medspa movement in DC Metro area for over 20 years.
  2. Dr. Scott Gerrish is the Medical Director for the CoolSculpting East CoastTraining Center.  To date over 2000 medical professionals have been trained by Dr. Gerrish on the art and science of CoolSculpting.
  3. Awarded Diamond Center of Excellence by CoolSculpting, which is the highest level any clinic can achieve.
  4. Highly trained and experienced staff with more than 70 years of combined experience in the cosmetic and beauty industry.
  5. Top of the line technology, such as the CoolSculpting fat reduction technology and the latest, safest fillers and injectables.
  6. Founder of revolutionary Fraxel Boost concept to deliver anti-aging properties with no downtime.
  7. Completed more than 12,000 Botox and Filler treatments.
  8. Performed over 5,000 Fraxel and 7,000 CoolSculpting treatments.
  9. All products are “Vendor Verified,” guaranteed, and direct from the manufacturer.
  10. Dr. Scott Gerrish has carefully vetted and hand-selected every service, laser, equipment, and professional medical products.
  11. Platinum-quality technologies to ensure efficacy, safety, and peace of mind for every patient.
  12. First to offer new technologies and advancements in the non-surgical, medical cosmetic field.
  13. We focus is on the unique requirements of each patient to meet various expectations, needs, and lifestyles.
  14. Offers a full range of skin care treatments and minimally invasive cosmetic medical procedures to meet a variety of needs, from chemical peels and facials to laser treatments and dermal fillers.
  15. Diligently listens to the patients they serve.
  16. Ensures a safe, sound, and compassionate, professional medical services in a spa environment.