Best Skincare Routine for Men Over 40

  • March 8, 2022

Getting into a skincare routine can be difficult. Most men tend to notice differences in their skin once they hit the age of 40. It’s important to implement a healthy skincare routine to prevent additional potential aging, scars or dark spots. Here at Faces Med Spa, our professionals discuss how to get into a healthy skincare routine and how to address aging. 

Use an SPF Daily
One reason you may have premature aging is because of extensive UVA/UVB exposure. In addition to premature aging and skin cancers, UV rays can reduce natural collagen production. At the age of 40,  your natural collagen production begins to decline. Applying a light, SPF 30 every day can decrease your chance of skin cancer, prevent additional aging and repair damaged skin.

Use a Daily Cleanser
Throughout the day, dirt and oil can pile up on your skin. It’s important to cleanse your face at the end of every day to free your skin from dirt and toxins. When you cleanse your face, it allows the skin to be stripped clean, leaving your pores open so you can apply products that your skin will absorb. 

Exfoliate Three Times Per Week
Dead skin cells can build up on the surface of your skin, which can create build up. Using an exfoliator a few times a week can help shed those dead skin cells and help brighten your complexion. We recommend using an exfoliator after washing your face to keep skin smooth and feeling refreshed. 

Use A Retinol Serum
Retinol helps stimulate the growth of collagen. Collagen production helps keep your skin ageless and increases cell-turnover. Cell-turnover decreases as you age and using retinol can also improve acne, large pores and discoloration. If it’s your first time using retinol, we recommend microdosing. Retinol can be harsh on the skin at first, so we suggest starting with a low dosage and using it only once a week. 

Moisturize Twice a Day
In addition to a decrease in natural collagen production, the skin’s capacity to suppress moisture also decreases with age. Depending on your skin’s hydration levels, moisture in the skin can fluctuate daily. To lock in moisture, we suggest applying a gentle moisturizer when you wake up and before you go to bed. This will allow your skin to absorb moisture throughout the day and throughout the night. Keeping your skin hydrated will help the overall appearance and condition of your skin. 

Create an Overall Healthy Lifestyle
Products aren’t the only important aspect of a great skincare routine, diet also affects the appearance of your skin. Foods high in sugar can often lead to acne breakouts and solidifying collagen production. Eating a healthy diet can promote clear skin, so we suggest staying away from those sweet treats to keep a smooth complexion. 

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