Best Tips For Laser Hair Removal

  • April 7, 2022

With sunshine and warmer weather on the horizon, you might have body hair removal on your mind. At Faces Med Spa, we think it’s time you ditch the razors, wax and hair removal creams, and kiss ingrown hairs and irritated skin goodbye. With laser hair removal, you can get everlasting, silky smooth skin, pain-free, and by following the tips from our professionals below, you can achieve the best results from your appointment. 


Avoid Waxing or Plucking Prior to Treatment 

We know that grown-out hair can become itchy and uncomfortable, but it’s essential that you avoid waxing or plucking the area you will be having treated, as the laser targets the follicle. You also don’t want your hair to be too long, as the laser can cause burns. If your hair is bothering you before your treatment, we recommend shaving, as this will not remove the hair follicle and will keep the hair at a manageable length leading up to treatment.


Repeat Treatment to Achieve The Best Results 

The laser only treats the follicle of hairs in the active growth phase, so multiple treatments are recommended to achieve optimal results. Each person’s hair is different and a Faces Med Spa expert will walk you through the process during your consultation to tailor the procedure to your specific needs. Your consultant will give their recommendation on the number of treatments based on your hair type and goals and will help you choose what treatments will be perfect for your skin for each procedure. 


Cleanse Your Skin 

It’s important to cleanse your skin of any dirt or impurities, but avoid applying products including serums, moisturizers, deodorants, or perfumes following the cleansing process. Skincare products can often include ingredients that may react poorly with a laser beam, causing discoloration, irritation, and in the worst-case scenario, skin burns. Your skin must be clean and clear to avoid potential adverse reactions to the laser.


Post-Treatment Care

Side effects are extremely rare, but they may include mild skin irritation that can last a few days. If this occurs, we suggest using a cold compress and taking a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (such as Advil or Ibuprofen)as needed to relieve discomfort. Avoid tanning lotions, products with fragrances or perfumes, body scrubs and deodorant in the treatment areas for 24 hours following treatment. These products may cause irritation. Our specialists also  recommend making a follow-up appointment four to six weeks after your first treatment. 


Avoid Direct Sun Exposure

While you might be eager to show off your silky smooth skin at the beach or pool, it is imperative that you protect treatment areas immediately following your appointment. Your skin is extremely susceptible to burns directly following laser hair removal, so if you plan to be in the sun, it’s essential that you consistently apply lotion that is at least 30 SPF to protect your skin. 


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At Faces Med Spa, our goal is to help clients feel confident and love the skin they’re in. If you are tired of traditional hair removal processes, ditch the razors and wax this summer and try our laser hair removal treatments. Our consultations are free and designed to help you determine your goals and what treatments will work best with your skin. To learn more about the laser hair removal process, click here, or schedule a free consultation today.