Everything You Need to Know Prior to Coolsculpting

  • December 2, 2021

Everything You Need to Know Prior to Coolsculpting

Over the warmer months, exercise and diet is much easier to maintain. Getting your sweat on is much more enjoyable in the sun than it is when the temperature dips. However, if you didn’t hit your body goals over the summer, you’re not out of luck. Let us help you eliminate any stubborn fat you couldn’t shed with CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting requires no preparation and no downtime, meaning you can lose weight without having to put a wrench in your holiday plans. Below, our professionals at Faces Med Spa help to address common  questions regarding the CoolSculpting process.

Is CoolSculpting FDA Approved?

Worried about if CoolSculpting is safe? Not to worry! CoolSculpting has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration as safe and effective. CoolSculpting uses advanced cooling technology to target fat bulges and eliminate fat cells. The procedure allows you to target your abdomen, love handles, back fat, and inner and outer thighs through a gradual non-invasive process. 


Am I a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?
CoolSculpting works to target stubborn fat that won’t go away despite a healthy diet and exercise. However, each patient requires a unique course of treatment based on body type and goals. Our experts will be able to accurately determine if CoolSculpting is right for you through a free consultation.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?
Curious about the technology behind the tool? CoolSculpting targets subcutaneous fat, which is located beneath the skin. Cryolipolysis, which works by placing the target area between two panels that cool the fat to a freezing temperature, breaking down fat cells. Because fat cells are susceptible to freezing temperatures, they freeze and die, leaving you with the body you’ve always dreamed of. 

What Does a CoolSculpting Procedure Look Like?
Overall, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, pain free procedure. Many patients find CoolSculpting to be so  relaxing that they are able to complete activities such as reading, working on a laptop or even napping. The first five minutes are just a cooling  sensation, then you’re all set to sit back and relax for your session. 

What Should I Expect Following CoolSculpting?
CoolSculpting can reduce the fat layer by 20 to 40%. Patients may see improvements as soon as three weeks following treatment, with the most significant benefits occurring after two months. The body will continue to drain fat cells for up to four months. To ensure long-term results, make sure that you keep up that exercise routine and healthy eating.

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